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Do you want guidance and deep tool support for your social media efforts so you can:
  • Increase customer adoption and evangelism
  • Reduce sales costs
  • Increase visibility in the marketplace
Have you been wondering:
  • Where do you integrate the many threads of social media?
  • How do you measure your results?
  • How do you develop the organizational knowledge to be successful in emergent social landscapes?
Our program is powered by the wisdom of practitioners and guided by coaches using blended learning strategies. It is packaged and priced for your level of commitment and experience.

Program Objectives
  • Assess and improve tool use and application, including metrics
  • Provide reports and power tools
  • Develop skills in communication, strategic thinking, and collaboration
  • Transfer expert social media practitioner abilities
  • Create community of practice for ongoing learning
Program Components
  • Assessment provides benchmark for learning
  • Classroom training transfers skills in areas such as:
    • social media toolkit
    • advanced search strategies
    • social media attraction and traction
    • writing for online engagement
    • metrics and measures
    • sentiment reporting
  • Coaching to fluency
  • Co-learning circles for ongoing practice

PeopleBrowsr Coaching and Training

We offer training and coaching to businesses and organizations using social media, specifically PeopleBrowsr.

PeopleBrowsr.com, available to everyone to use- at an affordable deployment cost:
  • provides relevant features to capitalize on social network sentiment
  • processes tweets or any other type of messages, even emailed or sent as real actionable items
  • puts "intelligence in the cloud" using an online or desktop interface that can be used by the whole group as a collective effort.
Of course, we have live support available in person or by phone. Should that be too much to ask of your social network plan architect or administrator? At PeopleBrowsr, we don't think it should be.

We can give your business insight into how to make the best use of PeopleBrowsr to help your organization create custom social network campaigns and quickly set up a Tweet Center dashboard tailored to your needs. PeopleBrowsr enables you to:
  • Increase your Brand Awareness and operate your company
    1. Harvest and report information on your Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed followers - or competition
    2. Get your corporate identity online, under control and "followed" - by the people you want to reach
    3. Attract attention to your messages and showcase to the world your ability to respond in a consistent and prompt manner
  • Communicate in tight feedback loops internally and/or in the cloud with your team members in a private and secure setting
  • Identify and address important trends that can increase your margins and lower your costs and customer churn
  • Lower your call center costs and increase your response times, so you can convert complaints to evangelists, and empower your community.
We offer your organization the flexibility of both in person and over the phone support. We can train your team to use the deep rich features of PeopleBrowsr to your best advantage, and we can coach your team to contribute to the social media space for optimum results. From the social practices of new media to the analysis of results, PeopleBrowsr and PB Coaches nurture your success.

Announcing Search.PeopleBrowsr.com

View a 1.45 minute screencast of how to use search.peoplebrowsr.com for simple direction on searching twitter stream super fast! Created by Jon Dale.

PeopleBrowsr Business - for businesses managing social networking

by Mike Hosley
A friend of mine invited me to meet his team after they made an announcement. The Wall Street Journal online, USA today and the Sierra Club had just written them up for the first time. When I walked in I was greeted by a small 20 something group, gathered around a huge monitor, tapping into a 8 inch net book, watching the world tweet about them.

I opened up my laptop and clicked on PeopleBrowsr Business, and in just a few a few seconds I was able to sort the tweets into columns (stacks) by using search, an easy to use method of organizing and sorting tweets from the browser. I started changing the look and feel of the tweets, by changing the display in one click to toggle between grids or streams. Then I widened the stack to full screen to show where the tweets were originating from on a map. More granular results can be displayed in other stacks, sorted by region or concentric circle from a map location, but I had made my point...and moved on to drill down and read some individual tweets.

Since PeopleBrowsr Business is geared toward commercial, it has other useful processes like:
- the ability to create a stack of to do items
- assign a tweet to someone else
- autoreply based on keyword to direct messages

Each stack of results, or column, has a drop down option to view more statistics on the stack, including graphed data displaying the number of posts per hour or per day by keyword, and what other keywords were being used most often along with the search results.

Because PeopleBrowsr uses the Social Graph API, I was able to instantly pull up profiles of individual posters, and get a feel for the tone and quality of the content they had posted on other networks. I could easily rank the search results using tags, comments both public and private, private notes, and by positive and negative sentiment.

Campaigns - Since these on the fly campaigns can be named and saved, it's a real time saver for those that experience "social network fatigue" or are interested in developing reports that reside in the cloud. It works really well for developing automated campaigns based upon search results.

Campaigns can be tweaked with a single check mark to send automated responses or special offers, such as coupons or discount codes automatically based on keyword, direct messages, even pre-set for specific delivery scheduled times...or assigned to other employees for handling as easily as an email. You can easily create a to-do list that appears as a separate stack, or tag and make private comments about a tweet, direct message, email, and has the familiar "Inbox, Outbox" bar along the left side of the screen followed by a useful Assigned to me/by me format to track what's happening in real time.

The current releases of PeopleBrowsr are free and come in Light, Advanced, and the Business version. Business users are able deploy more complex applications in the enterprise by opting for a worldwide network of "coaches" and an ecosystem of "PBexperts" that can offer fee-based training and hands on live support with custom implementations.

The wide audience of early adopters will soon come up with lots of applications for this level of granularity, without dealing with the overhead of storing data or downloading programs. Since you can manage multiple IDs from a single dashboard UI screen, it's ideally suited for businesses large and small that are interested in keeping real time tabs on different departments, employees, or teams cost effectively.

PB Consultant and Trainer Mike Hosley

I've worked with the PeopleBrowsr team for over 2 years now. Initially I was the first PeopleBrowsr envoy in the US, evangelizing and making introductions to various containers, such as the Open Social players beginning with the first Open Social hackathon held at Six Apart in January 2008. And I have worked with the project leader as an advance team member on 3 continents on various projects over the past 12 years.

I've been involved in building hundreds of scalable, carrier class networks. Before social networking was popular, I worked as an evangelist all over the globe for various multinationals, including both hardware manufacturers and network operators. I've been involved from conception to rollout with over a dozen successful startups, beginning with an unknown little company called Sprint in the early 80's. It's been amazing to see the progress we have made because of input from our users, and to see the suggestions become key features of the product.

I can help your organization create custom campaigns tailored to your needs, and provide valuable insight into how to use PeopleBrowsr as a tool to help brand and operate your business... and empower your most valuable asset- the people...both your clients and team members. I'm available to meet in person anywhere in the Southwestern US, by video chat, or you can send me an email to MikeHosleyatGmail.com with your ideas. Or, just call me on +1-760-815-2572 anytime and leave a message if I don't answer.

PB Coach Lori Gama

I'm Lori Gama, a Website producer/SEO professional/Social Media trainer who fell in love with PeopleBrowsr.com a few months ago. As my Social Network grew, I searched for an application to help me manage my connections more efficiently. I discovered PeopleBrowsr and quickly became a raving fan, showing highlights of PB to my friends and to my Social Media Workshop attendees, who quickly grasped PB's power.

As I dug deeper into PeopleBrowsr's treasure trove of tools, I realized that this was no mere "tool"---PeopleBrowsr is a true people dashboard. When I log into PB, I feel like I'm turning the key of a vehicle that does more than drive my Social Media: it FLYS!

My excitement for PB kept showing up in my tweets. One night, I connected with the amazingly generous Social Media Maven Mari Smith (@MariSmith) and gave her a quick crash course in PeopleBrowsr through a series of exciting tweets with many "A ha" moments. After I showed Mari some awesome features (we tweeted back and forth---but imagine how much you could learn in a webinar or through video conferencing) she loved PB so much that she kindly mentioned me and PB in her Social Media Summit blog post: see it here: http://whyfacebook.com/2009/05/25/ten-ways-to-tweet-the-social-media-success-summit/.

Guiding people on how to use PeopleBrowsr has become part of who I am. It's just like teaching you how to drive and showing you what each "thing" does in your "dashboard" so you can easily and efficiently manage your Social Media connections, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other Social Media sites.

Now that I'm part of the PB Coaching team, I'm delighted to show you the in's and out's of using Social Media to build relationships and show you how PeopleBrowsr helps you efficiently and smartly manage those relationships. PeopleBrowsr helps you build campaigns and brands; tag people and organize them into groups; save time in the act of tweeting; send a customized "welcome" message to new followers (with their name automatically filled in); monitor your brand; and on and on.

Please call me at 970-302-6994 or e-mail Lori@DaGamaWebStudio.com or tweet me: http://twitter.com/lorigama if you're interested in having me show you and your team how to use PeopleBrowsr. I look forward to helping you.

Head PBCoach

Hi, I am Jean Russell (aka @NurtureGirl).

I have been a social network coach since 2006 and now I am heading up the PB Coach program. I am based in Chicago and building a team around North America.
This is what a few people have said about me:

"Jean Russell's knowledge of social media, online community, and online community networks is deep in strategy and rich in practical application."
~ Mark Grimes ~ ned.com and nedspace Founder

"I appreciate Jean's keen insights on how people behave and why they do what they do. I've seen her bring clarity to situations that had been long befuddling to those involved, and I've seen her unlock the potential in people who were trying to find their way. In all, Jean's a great coach, an empathic teacher and a relentless network weaver."
~ Thomas Kriese

You can read more about me on my blog here and here

We will coach you and your team on:

1. How to be a Social Network Attractor
2. Brand Research and constructing Microblogging Sentiment Reports
3. Build a Twitter Campaign for your Brand
4. Setting up and managing a TweetCenter - Real time Brand Engagement

You can tweet me @nurturegirl or @HeadPBCoach