PeopleBrowsr Coaching and Training

We offer training and coaching to businesses and organizations using social media, specifically PeopleBrowsr., available to everyone to use- at an affordable deployment cost:
  • provides relevant features to capitalize on social network sentiment
  • processes tweets or any other type of messages, even emailed or sent as real actionable items
  • puts "intelligence in the cloud" using an online or desktop interface that can be used by the whole group as a collective effort.
Of course, we have live support available in person or by phone. Should that be too much to ask of your social network plan architect or administrator? At PeopleBrowsr, we don't think it should be.

We can give your business insight into how to make the best use of PeopleBrowsr to help your organization create custom social network campaigns and quickly set up a Tweet Center dashboard tailored to your needs. PeopleBrowsr enables you to:
  • Increase your Brand Awareness and operate your company
    1. Harvest and report information on your Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed followers - or competition
    2. Get your corporate identity online, under control and "followed" - by the people you want to reach
    3. Attract attention to your messages and showcase to the world your ability to respond in a consistent and prompt manner
  • Communicate in tight feedback loops internally and/or in the cloud with your team members in a private and secure setting
  • Identify and address important trends that can increase your margins and lower your costs and customer churn
  • Lower your call center costs and increase your response times, so you can convert complaints to evangelists, and empower your community.
We offer your organization the flexibility of both in person and over the phone support. We can train your team to use the deep rich features of PeopleBrowsr to your best advantage, and we can coach your team to contribute to the social media space for optimum results. From the social practices of new media to the analysis of results, PeopleBrowsr and PB Coaches nurture your success.