PB Coach Lori Gama

I'm Lori Gama, a Website producer/SEO professional/Social Media trainer who fell in love with PeopleBrowsr.com a few months ago. As my Social Network grew, I searched for an application to help me manage my connections more efficiently. I discovered PeopleBrowsr and quickly became a raving fan, showing highlights of PB to my friends and to my Social Media Workshop attendees, who quickly grasped PB's power.

As I dug deeper into PeopleBrowsr's treasure trove of tools, I realized that this was no mere "tool"---PeopleBrowsr is a true people dashboard. When I log into PB, I feel like I'm turning the key of a vehicle that does more than drive my Social Media: it FLYS!

My excitement for PB kept showing up in my tweets. One night, I connected with the amazingly generous Social Media Maven Mari Smith (@MariSmith) and gave her a quick crash course in PeopleBrowsr through a series of exciting tweets with many "A ha" moments. After I showed Mari some awesome features (we tweeted back and forth---but imagine how much you could learn in a webinar or through video conferencing) she loved PB so much that she kindly mentioned me and PB in her Social Media Summit blog post: see it here: http://whyfacebook.com/2009/05/25/ten-ways-to-tweet-the-social-media-success-summit/.

Guiding people on how to use PeopleBrowsr has become part of who I am. It's just like teaching you how to drive and showing you what each "thing" does in your "dashboard" so you can easily and efficiently manage your Social Media connections, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other Social Media sites.

Now that I'm part of the PB Coaching team, I'm delighted to show you the in's and out's of using Social Media to build relationships and show you how PeopleBrowsr helps you efficiently and smartly manage those relationships. PeopleBrowsr helps you build campaigns and brands; tag people and organize them into groups; save time in the act of tweeting; send a customized "welcome" message to new followers (with their name automatically filled in); monitor your brand; and on and on.

Please call me at 970-302-6994 or e-mail Lori@DaGamaWebStudio.com or tweet me: http://twitter.com/lorigama if you're interested in having me show you and your team how to use PeopleBrowsr. I look forward to helping you.