PB Consultant and Trainer Mike Hosley

I've worked with the PeopleBrowsr team for over 2 years now. Initially I was the first PeopleBrowsr envoy in the US, evangelizing and making introductions to various containers, such as the Open Social players beginning with the first Open Social hackathon held at Six Apart in January 2008. And I have worked with the project leader as an advance team member on 3 continents on various projects over the past 12 years.

I've been involved in building hundreds of scalable, carrier class networks. Before social networking was popular, I worked as an evangelist all over the globe for various multinationals, including both hardware manufacturers and network operators. I've been involved from conception to rollout with over a dozen successful startups, beginning with an unknown little company called Sprint in the early 80's. It's been amazing to see the progress we have made because of input from our users, and to see the suggestions become key features of the product.

I can help your organization create custom campaigns tailored to your needs, and provide valuable insight into how to use PeopleBrowsr as a tool to help brand and operate your business... and empower your most valuable asset- the people...both your clients and team members. I'm available to meet in person anywhere in the Southwestern US, by video chat, or you can send me an email to MikeHosleyatGmail.com with your ideas. Or, just call me on +1-760-815-2572 anytime and leave a message if I don't answer.