Welcome to the PeopleBrowsr Training and Coaching space.
Good to have you here.

Do you want guidance and deep tool support for your social media efforts so you can:
  • Increase customer adoption and evangelism
  • Reduce sales costs
  • Increase visibility in the marketplace
Have you been wondering:
  • Where do you integrate the many threads of social media?
  • How do you measure your results?
  • How do you develop the organizational knowledge to be successful in emergent social landscapes?
Our program is powered by the wisdom of practitioners and guided by coaches using blended learning strategies. It is packaged and priced for your level of commitment and experience.

Program Objectives
  • Assess and improve tool use and application, including metrics
  • Provide reports and power tools
  • Develop skills in communication, strategic thinking, and collaboration
  • Transfer expert social media practitioner abilities
  • Create community of practice for ongoing learning
Program Components
  • Assessment provides benchmark for learning
  • Classroom training transfers skills in areas such as:
    • social media toolkit
    • advanced search strategies
    • social media attraction and traction
    • writing for online engagement
    • metrics and measures
    • sentiment reporting
  • Coaching to fluency
  • Co-learning circles for ongoing practice